About me

Hello, I am Willem. I’m a 26-year old mechanical engineer and I enjoy designing, building and testing all kinds of mechanical and electronic devices. I like to show these to the world through this website. It has been around since 2012 and has experienced a steady growth of visitors and content since. I post my projects here to exhibit my creativity and skills but also to allow others to be inspired, to learn and to perhaps even recreate (and improve on) a project themselves.

All of this started when I was still in primary school. I tore apart anything that would otherwise be thrown away and used the components to build new stuff. I remember at some point being quite impressed that I could toggle a light bulb with the press of a button. At age 11 I discovered rocketry and quickly assembled my first water rocket and launch platform. To me, launching a plastic bottle and seeing it fly over the top of the house was equivalent to putting a man on the moon…

A lot has changed since. I kept developing and flying these water rockets; at the height of my personal space era, the rockets featured carbon fibre composite pressure vessels and fully automatic parachute recovery systems, safely bringing back rockets from their 150+ meter apogees. I discovered microcontrollers and programming languages. Later on, I discovered CAD and pretty much rely on it now to manage the ever-increasing complexity of my projects. I am really proud that my M&Ms and Skittles sorting machine became so popular that millions of people around the world have seen it in action.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or comments about me or my work! I’m also on LinkedIn; a button that leads to my profile can be found at the bottom of this page.