Fixing my heating system

The heating system in my apartment building consists of a group of heat pumps that deliver warm water to the underfloor heating system of about a dozen apartments, including mine. During the warm summer months, the system supplies cool water instead. The heat pumps figure out whether to supply warm or cool water, and a…… Continue reading Fixing my heating system

Balancing cube

This cube manages to balance itself on a corner, and can simultaneously rotate around its axis in a controlled manner. It does so using clever controls and a set of three reaction wheels. The original idea for this device comes from researchers at ETH Z├╝rich, who demonstrate their “Cubli” in this video. Its design has…… Continue reading Balancing cube

ClockSquared Mini, a word clock wristwatch

About a year ago, I had some time to spare over the summer and decided to challenge myself with a project that I call “Clocksquared Mini”. It is Clocksquared, but in a tiny wristwatch package. This gives rise to a major challenge, as everything has to be shrunk down approximately ten times from a 300x300x50…… Continue reading ClockSquared Mini, a word clock wristwatch

Home Assistant-compatible air quality sensor

I recently moved and our new home is equipped with a ventilation system that distributes fresh (outside) air through the house and recoups heat from the air that is exhausted. There is a problem with this system, though. Sometimes, for example when a neighbour lights their wood stove, the system pulls in smoke, even though…… Continue reading Home Assistant-compatible air quality sensor