In the media

Various media outlets have published articles and/or videos about my projects. A list of the most noteworthy publications is shown below.

English is a blog which publishes several articles each day about hardware and software hacks. Hacks refer to modifications to existing products but also refers to the creation of something new.
M&Ms and Skittles sorting machine is both entertainment and utility on February 6, 2017. is a computer hardware and software company, project, and user community that designs and manufactures microcontroller kits. They also run a blog on which projects and news are featured.
Sort your M&Ms or Skittles with this ingenious machine on February 6, 2017. is an online publisher of technology industry news. It primarily covers businesses ranging from startups to established firms.
This candy sorting machine isn’t the hero the world wants but it’s the hero the world needs on February 6, 2017. is a news website that writes about all kinds of interesting, fun and inspiring topics.
Someone just built a machine that sorts M&Ms and Skittles by colour on February 6, 2017. – Derivatives of the original M&Ms and Skittles sorter YouTube video have been posted to a variety of popular Facebook pages, including UNILAD, The LAD Bible, Viral Thread, Thrillist and Food Envy.


TV: “De Drie Wijzen” – De Drie Wijzen airs on Belgian television. One episode of this programme featured my candy sorting machine. On the show, two candidates try to judge which of three stories about a certain topic or object is true.
De Drie Wijzen – Seizoen 2018, aflevering 10 on June 3, 2018. – Eindhovens Dagblad, Brabants Dagblad and Algemeen Dagblad are well-known Dutch newspapers, reporting on regional, national and international news.
M&M-sorteermachine van TU/e-student gaat de wereld over on February 21, 2017.

TV (live): #FIRST – A Dutch show which is broadcasted live at 5PM, Monday through Thursday on the Ziggo channel.
M&M BATTLE: MAN VS MACHINE – #FIRST (From 14m52s onwards) on March 23, 2017

Radio – I have given interviews on my M&M machine on several (national) Dutch radio stations, including Radio Veronica, Radio 2, Q-music, Omroep Brabant (at 40m20s) and Radio Decibel. is a Dutch website that reports on technology, gadgets and more.
Nederlandse TU-student bouwt M&M’s sorteermachine – omdat het kan on February 21, 2017. is the independent news website for the Eindhoven University of Technology. News and opionion articles are published on the website, as well as in physical magazines which are distributed on the university campus every two weeks.
Snoepsorteermachine TU/e-student gaat viraal on February 22, 2017.
Cursor 10 – Jaargang 59 (Cover page and interview) on March 2, 2017. is an independent journalism platform that focuses on (sustainable) innovation, the economics of innovation and the way it is embedded in the Brainport Eindhoven region.
Hoe Willem Pennings viral ging met zijn snoepsorteermachine on March 17, 2017 is a Dutch photo and video sharing website. They also produce a weekly series called DumpertReeten. Episode 90 of this series featured my M&Ms and Skittles sorting machine.
DumpertReeten 90 (fragment) on February 8, 2017.